KuneMoya | Blouberg

Feast for your eyes. Food for your soul.


There’s two ways to react to the continuous flux of disheartening messages on the news about our disappearing wild areas. There are those who complain and cry out on social media, but expect others to do something about it. And then there are those that take action, by either investing in our wild areas, or by supporting those areas simply by visiting them.

These days, when it comes to saving our wild areas, there’s only one bottom line that cannot be ignored;
if it pays, it stays. Simply put; a wild area will stay wild if man can derive sufficient income from it, and if that cannot be achieved the area will be given another purpose (for example; the wild area is turned into a citrus farm). The pressures from outside (homo sapiens’ need for space and need for protein) have simply become too big. This may be a sobering truth, but it’s a truth nonetheless.

In 2000, four South-African friends joined forces, dug into their savings, and started KuneMoya. The goal is simple enough; to safeguard Blouberg Nature Reserve for future generations, by building accommodation for visitors (and thus putting it on the eco-tourism map), and by providing local people with an income through eco-tourism.


But no matter how simple that goal sounds; it’s a bumpy road with plenty of obstacles. Then again, any self driver likes a bit of a bumpy road with some challenges. But that doesn’t mean KuneMoya can’t use a little help from you. It’s not that difficult; all it takes is for you to come discover our paradise on earth. We can assure you; it’s much more fun than complaining about disappearing wildlife on the internet. Are you with us?